Set the Maximum Time in a Call

You can enable user to choose the maximum number of hours that are allowed for the call length. When a call reaches the set time, users will see a message asking whether they want to end or stay on the call. If an action is not indicated within a minute, the call is automatically disconnected. If the user decides to stay on the call, another prompt does not display.

This setting also applies when users are viewing the Near video screen or showing content, even if they are not in a call. If the maximum time is reached while viewing Near video, the system automatically returns to the Home screen. If content is being shown, the content stops.


  1. In the primary codec web UI, navigate to Admin Settings > General Settings > System Settings > Call Settings .
  2. For Maximum Time in a Call, do one of the following:
    • Enter the maximum number of hours allowed for call length.

    • Select Off to remove any time limit.