Set Time in Call

You can configure the Time in Call setting so that users can view their time in a call.


  1. Go to Admin Settings > General Settings > Date and Time > Time in Call.
  2. Configure these settings.
    Note: Time in Call settings are displayed on the web interface.
    Table 1. Time in Call Settings



    Show Time in Call

    Specifies the time display in a call:
    • Elapsed Time—Displays the amount of time in the call.

    • System Time—Displays the system time on the screen during a call.

    • Off—Time is not displayed.

    When to Show

    Specifies when the time should be shown:
    • Start of the call only—Displays only when the call begins

    • Entire call—Displays continuously throughout the call

    • Once per hour—Displays at the beginning of the hour for one minute

    • Twice per hour—Displays at the beginning of the hour and midway through the hour for one minute

    Show Countdown Before Next Meeting

    When enabled, it displays a timer that counts down to the next scheduled meeting 10 minutes before that meeting. If a timer is already showing, the countdown timer replaces it 10 minutes before the next scheduled meeting.