Enable Calling the Help Desk

You can enable a button on the RealPresence Touch device so that users can place an audio-only call to the help desk.


  1. In the RealPresence ITP system web interface, go to Admin Settings> General Settings > Pairing >RealPresence Touch Home Screen Configuration.
  2. Under Configure Home Screen, select Configure Home Screen Options and click Save.
  3. Check the box by Home Screen 1, button options appear.
  4. For Button 1, select Call Help Desk and click Save.
    The Call Help Desk button appears on the RealPresence Touch home screen.
  5. Go to Admin Settings > General Settings > My Information > Contact Information.
  6. In the Help Desk Number field, enter the audio number or address for the Call Help Desk button. You cannot edit this field during an active help desk call. For RealPresence OTX Studio systems, select the POTS/SSTR check box.
  7. Click Save.