Known Issues

The following table lists all known issues in all releases of MSR Solution.
Note: These release notes do not provide a complete listing of all known issues that are included in the software. Issues not expected to significantly impact customers with standard voice or video conferencing environments may not be included. In addition, the information in these release notes is provided as-is at the time of release and is subject to change without notice.
Table 1. Known Issues
CategoryIssue IDReleaseDescriptionWorkaround
MSR DockUSBCMRA-1281.0When in a call, HDMI In can only display content video, not audio. When out of a call, HDMI In supports content with video and audio. Ocassionally, when out of a call, there is no audio. Un-plug and re-plug the HDMI cable.
MSR DockUSBCMRA-1611.0The GL2250 display is not supported. The HDMI output does not work with the MSR Dock.Do not use a GL2250 display.
MSR DockUSBCMRA-1291.0In some instances, the HDMI content may not display clearly with some resolutions set on a computer.Change the resolution on the computer.
MSR DockUSBCMRA-2621.0When a laptop is connected to the MSR Dock and shares content, the MSR application freezes.Disconnect the HDMI cable from the MSR Dock and re-launch the MSR application.