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Call Routing

Call Routing is the process by which your phone sets up a call bridge or an endpoint call based on such information as the trunk on which the call originates, the caller’s number, the called number, and so on. Call Routing Rules are parameters used to instruct your phone how to route calls. A call may transform into a call bridge or an endpoint call after being routed by your phone according to the given routing rules.

Every call has to originate from somewhere. From your phone’s perspective, calls originating from the trunk side are considered Inbound Calls, while calls originating from an endpoint are Outbound Calls. The call routing rule syntaxes for inbound calls and outbound calls are slightly different and are explained below. Call Routing Rule configuration relies heavily on digit maps. If you are not familiar with how digit maps work yet, please read the Digit Map Configuration  section in this document first.

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