Polycom Cloud Service

The Polycom Cloud Service is an offering that enables users in an organization to securely share content with a registered Pano system from the Microsoft® OneDrive® for Business enterprise document storage service, using a locally installed copy of Polycom Pano App.

Keep the following in mind about the Polycom Cloud Service:
  • Polycom Pano systems use standard HTTPS connections to communicate with the Polycom Cloud Service. The Polycom Cloud Service authenticates each Polycom Pano device prior to accepting connections from it; similarly, Polycom Pano systems authenticate the Polycom Cloud Service's identity before completing a connection to it.
  • Polycom Pano App uses standard HTTPS connections to communicate with the Polycom Cloud Service. Polycom Pano App authenticates the identity of the Polycom Cloud Service prior to connecting to it. The Polycom Cloud Service uses the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol to enable access to your enterprise Office 365 services via the Polycom Pano App. This allows users to sign in directly to Office 365 without the Polycom Pano App or the Polycom Cloud Service ever having access to user credentials.
  • Documents shared from the Polycom Cloud Service are rendered to Polycom Pano App and a Polycom Pano system over encrypted WebSocket Secure (WSS) connections, which keeps the information secure during transit.
  • When a document is shared from the Polycom Cloud Service, the actual document is not sent or made available to either the Polycom Pano or the Polycom Pano App. Instead, a web view of the document is created in the cloud and rendered into a compressed video stream that is then sent to both Polycom Pano and Polycom Pano App. This keeps the document safe in the cloud, unaltered and inaccessible to those viewing it.
  • When a content sharing session ends, the shared content is deleted from the Polycom Cloud Service and Polycom Pano App. The content remains in its original state on the OneDrive for Business system.