Device Management

Device Management Icon image. is where you can monitor and edit your registered Polycom Pano devices.

The system lists each registered device in a table with the following information:

Table 1. Registered Device Information
Device Information Description
Status Icon that indicates the registration status of the device:
  • Icon image. (Online) — Indicates that the device is currently connected to the Polycom Cloud Service
  • Icon image. (Offline) — Indicates that the device has been disconnected from the Polycom Cloud Service
Device Name Device name
Type Device type
  • Pano
IP Address

Device IPv4 address

Tip: Clicking on the address of the Polycom Pano device establishes a web UI session (a separate tab in your browser) to the Polycom Pano device.
Room Name Room name of the Polycom Pano device.
Software Version Device software version
Serial Number Device serial number

You can click Refresh to refresh all the device information manually.