Access the System Web Interface

Using a supported browser with cookies enabled, you can access the Pano system web interface.

Note: A message displays notifying you when attempting to access the system web interface using a browser with cookies disabled. This message does not appear with Microsoft Edge browsers.


  1. Open a browser and enter the system IP address using the format
    Note: The HTTPS protocol ensures that login information is transmitted using an encrypted channel, including usernames and passwords for communicating with third-party systems on your network. Using HTTPS severely limits the ability of anyone on the network to discover these credentials. For this reason, attempts to use the system web interface via HTTP are redirected to the HTTPS interface.
  2. Enter your administrator credentials.
    The default Admin ID is admin, and the default admin password is the last six digits of the Pano device serial number. You can find the serial number on a sticker on the back of the device, on the shipping container, or on the Dashboard screen of the system web interface.
  3. Select Login.