Register with Polycom Cloud Service

You can register your system to the Polycom Cloud Service through the setup wizard or in the system web interface.

Besides the first step, the following instructions are the same whether you chose to register during initial setup or later in the system web interface.


  1. In the system web interface, go to General Settings > Cloud. (Skip this step if you are running the setup wizard.)
  2. Select Sign In.
  3. Enter your Email ID and Password.
    The Email ID was activated through the Polycom Cloud Service Administration portal and enables the system to locate your account.
  4. Enter a Room Name.
    A Room Name is how users identify a Pano system they want to connect to from a device or the Pano App. Polycom recommends that you use a name that is associated with the system's location (e.g., a conference room).
  5. Optional: Deselect the Enable Security Code checkbox if you do not want users to enter a code to connect their device to the Pano system.
  6. Keep the automatically generated Device Name or enter a new one.
    This name identifies the Pano device in the Polycom Cloud Service portal dashboard.
  7. Select Finish when prompted.