Choose a Software Update Location

You may have several options for updating your Pano system software depending on your environment.


  1. In the system web interface, go to General Settings > Software Update.
  2. Select one of the following in the Download Update From field (some options may not be available based on how your system is configured):
    Software Update LocationDescription
    Polycom Support Site An online software server hosted by Polycom.
    Custom Server URL A server on your network that supports HTTP or HTTPS downloads.

    The URL is the path to the latest software build folder (e.g., https://system-build-folder). The folder should contain the following files:

    • release.json
    • <system>-<version>.json
    • <system>-<version>.zip
    Provisioning Server Receive updates from a provisioning service, such as RealPresence Resource Manager.
    Polycom Cloud Service Receive updates from the service if your device is registered to it.
  3. If you chose to download from a Custom Server URL, enter the path to the software build folder on your network in the Update Server Address field.
Once you have selected where to download software updates from, you can manually or automatically update the system.