Powering On and Off

The Pano device remains in an awake state. It does not have a power button or power-saving or monitor sleep modes.

You can power the Pano device with the following:

  • Power over Ethernet+ (PoE+) IEEE 802.3at Type 2 (Link Layer Discovery Protocol [LLDP] negotiation is supported for switches that require it)
  • 2.0 mm power adapter

Remember the following when powering the Pano device:

  • When you connect both a PoE+ source and power adapter, the power adapter takes precedence.
  • The device reboots when you connect or disconnect the power adapter.
  • The Pano device supports only PoE 2-event classification mode. Depending on the model, you may need to configure your switch to support the 2-event classification mode before the system is able to receive proper power from the component. If necessary, check the switch user manual for instructions to activate this feature.
  • Powering a Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)-enabled monitor off and on disrupts how the Pano device functions and requires you to restart the device. To avoid these issues, Polycom recommends disabling the monitor's CEC setting. (Note: CEC may have a different name depending on the monitor manufacturer.)