Integrating with a Polycom Video System

The Pano system can send content to a Polycom video system. Once your preferred setup is complete, content sharing is enabled; the Pano system detects when content is available and automatically presents it to the Polycom video system.

You can pair a Pano system with a Polycom video system using two or three monitors:

  • Two Monitors Configure the Pano system and Polycom video system to present content on the second monitor.
  • Three Monitors Integrate the Pano system with the Polycom video system and configure the Pano system to present content on the third monitor. For this setup, the Pano system content displays on two monitors.

Remember the following when enabling content on a Polycom video system:

  • The Pano system must be used to share content during a meeting.
  • Far-end annotations on content from the Pano system are not supported.
  • Make sure you disable the VisualBoard application in the system web interface.

Polycom recommends the following when integrating your Pano system with a Polycom video system:

  • Do not display the IP address on the Polycom video system local interface. This prevents users with personal devices from using that IP address to connect to the Pano system.
  • When integrated with a RealPresence Group Series system, if you’ve enabled security code on the Pano device, you may need to start content on the Group Series in order to view the Pano home screen (where the security code is shown). Disabling the security code allows users to connect to the Pano device without first having to see the Pano home screen.