Known Issues

The following table lists known issues in the Pano 1.1.1 system.

Note: These release notes do not provide a complete listing of all known issues that are included in the software. Issues not expected to significantly impact customers with standard voice or video conferencing environments may not be included. In addition, the information in these release notes is provided as-is at the time of release and is subject to change without notice.
Table 1. Known Issues
CategoryIssue IDReleaseDescriptionWorkaround
ApplicationEN-352201.1(Windows 10 users only) When you share the Windows Media Player application, if another window (such as a notification window or other application) covers the shared application, the content sharing hangs.Make sure the shared application is always on top, or share your desktop instead.
ApplicationEN-358431.1(Windows 10 users only) When you share the "Movies & TV" or “Chrome” applications, if another window (such as a notification window or other application), the content goes black.Make sure the shared application is always on top, or share your desktop instead.
ApplicationEN-530491.1(Windows users only) When your device has two displays in duplicate mode and you are sharing a PowerPoint deck, starting Slide Show may cause truncated content.Do one of the following:
  • Change the display setting to Extend these displays.
  • Remove or disable the second monitor.
ApplicationEN-550471.1If you share a Microsoft Word file with the Pano App when connected to a Pano device, the content sometimes does not display correctly while scrolling through the document.No workaround currently available.
ApplicationEN-573401.1If your laptop runs on battery only and you share 1080p content for over an hour, your laptop may power off automatically because of power exhaust.Plug in the power supply during prolonged sharing.
ApplicationEN-587951.1(Windows users only) Audio shared with the Pano App from a Lenovo™ T420 system may have poor quality.Stop the content and share it again.
ApplicationEN-605671.1When connected to a Pano device that is registered to the Polycom Cloud Service, sometimes the wrong device name displays in the Pano App.Disconnect and reconnect to the Pano device.
ApplicationEN-612411.1Content shared using the Pano App may take up to a minute to display with some devices.Disable and re-enable the audio on the device.
ConfigurationEN-173201.0Changing the Room Name for a Pano system that is paired with a Polycom video system fails when the value provided exceeds 40 characters.Use 40 or fewer characters when entering a value for the Room Name.
ContentEN-352621.1Content on the Pano system sometimes does not display in a call when other content is already shared to a paired RealPresence Group Series system using Polycom People+Content™. This occurs when the systems are connected with an HDMI splitter or HDMI USB adapter.Share content to the paired Pano system using the Pano App.
ContentEN-613181.1Content shared from an AirPlay-certified device may not display on the Pano system.In the Pano system web interface, go to General Settings > Screen Mirroring and disable and re-enable AirPlay.
IntegrationEN-357621.1When a RealPresence Group Series system is unpaired from a Pano system, its monitor profile does not revert to Content, then Far, then Near as expected.In the RealPresence Group Series system interface, reconfigure the monitor profile settings after unpairing.
IntegrationEN-492851.1If a Pano system is paired to a new RealPresence Group Series system, the name of the one it was previously paired to still displays in the Connected to field on the General Settings > Pairing page of the Pano system web interface.Disconnect then reconnect the Pano system to the newly-paired RealPresence Group Series system. The correct name should display.
IntegrationEN-609251.1When connecting the Pano system to a RealPresence Group Series system using an HDMI USB adapter, pairing is not successful if the video system is in sleep mode.Wake the RealPresence Group Series system, reconnect it to the Pano system, and complete the pairing process again.
MaintenanceEN-595011.1Sometimes the software update status on RealPresence Resource Manager indicates a Pano system update is in progress when it is not. This occurs when manually checking for available updates from RealPresence Resource Manager in the Pano system web interface.No workaround currently available.
SecurityEN-600371.1Updating the Pano system software with RealPresence Resource Manager fails when TLS is enabled.No workaround currently available.
SecurityEN-636071.1Installing valid .pem certificates that don’t end with a new line may fail silently or return a, “The upload failed” error.Make sure that the .pem certificate ends with a new line following


ApplicationEN-796841.1While sharing video content from your iOS or Mac device to the Polycom Pano system monitor using AirPlay, you can’t hear the content audio on the Pano side. Turn your iOS or Mac device volume up or down.
ApplicationEN-796861.1While sharing streamed video content from your iPhone device to the Polycom Pano system monitor using AirPlay, if you play the video full screen on the iPhone, the Pano system may stop displaying the content.None.