Resolved Issues

The following table lists resolved issues in the Pano 1.1.1 system.

Table 1. Resolved Issues
CategoryIssue IDFound in ReleaseDescription
ApplicationEN-352621.1Content on the Pano system sometimes doesn’t display in a call when other content is already shared to a paired RealPresence Group Series system using Polycom People+Content™. This occurs when the systems are connected with an HDMI splitter or HDMI USB adapter.
ApplicationEN-593001.1The Pano system becomes unresponsive if you turn the monitor off and on repetitively. You need to reboot the Pano system to fix this problem.
ApplicationEN-660021.1The Pano system advertises itself and nearby Windows, Android, and Apple devices can detect it. However, the Pano system doesn’t allow any connections to itself wirelessly.
ApplicationEN-666501.1Sometimes, you can’t connect to the Pano system from a Miracast-capable device.
ApplicationEN-672701.1The Polycom Pano system may stop broadcasting itself as a Miracast device, causing other Miracast-enabled devices unable to discover it. You need to restart it to resolve the problem.
SecurityEN-684201.1The Pano system needs to include patches for Spectre — CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5715.
ApplicationEN-746581.1After you switch the Pano HDMI input from one laptop to another, for a short duration, the Pano system still shows the screen of the first laptop.
ApplicationEN-757521.1Sometimes, an Airplay-capable device can find the Pano system but can’t connect to it using Airplay.
DocumentationEN-76093 1.1The Polycom Pano Administrator Guide doesn’t include full network port usage for AirPlay. You may need to open Network access to Pano bidirectionally to TCP ports 4100-4115 for AirPlay audio control, and incoming to UDP ports 4100-4115 for AirPlay audio data.

Polycom is updating the Polycom Pano Administrator Guide to include this information in version 1.2 and later.