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Device Provisioning

The Polycom® Device Management Service  provides centralized provisioning for supported devices. After you provision a device, the device polls the Polycom® Device Management Service  for configuration profiles and software updates at intervals that you define. The service communicates with devices via HTTPS. Advanced monitoring and enhanced device details are only available when a deployed Polycom Cloud Relay can reach a device.

As soon as you configure a device to use the Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprises system for its provisioning server, the device starts polling for configuration profile and software updates. The default polling interval is 3:00 am to 5:00 am every day. This can be modified by an administrator.


After the Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprises provisions a phone, the phone’s REST API is enabled and its administrator password changes to "789".
You can use the AdminPassword-Change-Template configuration profile to create and define a custom device admin password. You cannot define "456" as a device password. See Managing Configuration Profiles for details.

Devices, provisioned via Polycom Cloud Relay, must be configured to connect Polycom Cloud Relay and send and receive provisioning requests via Polycom Cloud Relay. An enterprise may have one or more Polycom Cloud Relay services to manage its devices.

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