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Site Management

Sites are the primary way you organize your devices within a network. A site is a collection of customer defined LANs that generally correspond with a geographic location such as an office or facility. A device's IP address identifies the site to which it belongs.

A site contains one or more public network subnets, and within a site's public subnet, you can optionally define the associated private subnets. By default, the service automatically generates two sites, named Internet and Intranet.

Intranet: The public subnet IP of Intranet contains only zeros. You must either modify the public subnet IP to match your enterprise network or remove Intranet and set up your sites to manage local devices from your enterprise network in the Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprises.

Internet: You cannot edit or delete Internet site. After you set up your sites for your local network, all devices outside your enterprise network go to the Internet site when you add them.

Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprises can support up to 2000 sites. You can apply different configuration profiles to different sites when you provision.

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