Customizing Attributes in the Master Configuration File

You can modify the values defined in a device's master configuration profile by adding the attributes in your phone's configuration profiles.

  • CONFIG_FILES: The configuration files specified in the CONFIG_FILES attribute are appended to the configuration file generated by Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise .
  • Other parameters in the master configuration file are overwritten.
    • For the APP_FILE_PATH attribute, after you define the APP_FILE_PATH attribute, the software image selection in your profile doesn't take effect.
    • By default, the COREFILE_DIRECTORY attribute is empty. You can define the directory to save the files.
    • By default, the LOG_FILE_DIRECTORY attribute has a default value. If you don’t change the value, Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise saves the log files.
  • You can include the $mac_address in the attributes as a variable. Here are two examples:
      ${mac_address} is included in a path.
      ${mac_address} is included in a file value.

      When deployed, the value is replaced with phone's MAC address.

  • You can define new customized attributes included in the master configuration file. The attributes must start with _mac_cfg .