Management Agent

The Management Agent is a service that runs on Polycom Cloud Relay.

Management Agents are pre-configured for enterprise users, and an enterprise may have one or more Management Agents to centrally manage and upgrade its devices. Tenant users cannot edit or delete Management Agents.

The Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise sends check sync messages to the devices that it provisions via Management Agents to get devices status and send provisioning parameters.

Download Agent is a sub-service of the Management Agent. The Download Agent synchronizes device images made available from the cloud with each instance of Polycom Cloud Relay. You need to add the desired software images that you want distributed to Polycom Cloud Relays.

The Management Agent stores the following parameters:
  • Tenant ID generated by Polycom Cloud Relay.
  • PIN code generated by Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise . PIN code is a key value pair with Polycom Cloud Relay.
  • Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise address. This is unified for all tenant users.

Tenant ID and PIN code must be verified when Management Agents connect Polycom Cloud Relay.