Provisioning and Upgrading RealPresence Group Series Via Polycom Trio

You can provision and update a RealPresence Group Series system via a Polycom Trio system when they pair.

Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise can provision the specific RealPresence Group Series parameters that Polycom Trio supports. You also can update a paired RealPresence Group Series system by creating a configuration profile to set an upgrade version.

If you want to upgrade both RealPresence Group Series and Polycom Trio when they pair, both systems require a configuration profile. Therefore, you need one configuration profile that specifies RealPresence Group Series as the software, and another one that specifies the software as Polycom Phone.

After you connect the RealPresence Group Series, you can see the available upgrading packages from the Software drop-down list when you add a configuration profile. If you can’t find the upgrading packages, contact Polycom Global Support.