Finding Your Tenant Provisioning Address

You must specify a provisioning server address for devices.

You can find the tenant provisioning address using the following options:
  • Devices directly managed by the Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise : the provisioning service address displays on the Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise Provision Settings page.

    You can change the first field (host name) of the address to a friendlier name.

  • Devices provisioned through Polycom Cloud Relay: The address depends on your configured environment. Because you must use HTTPS, the value must match in the DNS of the certificate installed on Polycom Cloud Relay.
    Note: You must specify the provisioning account and password configured on the Provision Settings page.
    Note: Polycom recommends you to install the certificate that matches the Polycom Cloud Relay certificate on the Polycom Cloud Relay provisioned devices.