Polycom CX5100 and CX5500 Provisioning Attributes

When you create a profile, select a CX5100 or CX5500 software version, and apply the profile to CX5100 or CX5500 unified conference stations, the Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise provisions the following attributes to the CX5100 or CX5500 unified conference stations:
  • device.local.updateTime="3600"
  • device.local.updateInterval.set="1"
  • device.local.autoUpdateEnabled.set="1"
  • device.local.updateInterval="604800"
  • device.local.autoUpdateEnabled="1"
  • device.local.updateServer="${downloadPath}/swupdate/CX/${CXPhoneVersion}"
  • device.local.updateServer.set="1"
  • device.local.updateTime.set="1"

The auto-upgrading time is every Sunday 01:00 am.