Create Configuration Profiles

You can create new configuration profiles to customize device settings in your environment.

You can either create a new one or copy a predefined profile and make necessary changes.


  1. Go to Profile Configuration.
  2. Click Add.
  3. In the General Information section, select Polycom Phone Provision from the Profile Mode drop-down list.
  4. Enter a name and description for the new provisioning profile.

    The filename cannot contain / \ : * ? "< > | .

  5. (Optional) In the Configuration Attributes section, select the device type and the software image from the Software drop-down list.
    • The selected version is used to update the devices under certain condition.
    • When you select a software image, the service uses the attributes defined in its XSD file instead of the default XSD file.
    • You can only see images that correlate to the current profile mode.
  6. Add the device's provisioning attribute in one of the following ways.

    When there is an overlap of the attributes, the latest edit takes effect.

    • Standard FieldsEnter text (two or more characters) to search attributes in an XSD file.
      • If you selected a software image with an XSD file in the previous step, the system searches attributes in the XSD file packed in the software image.
      • The system also comes with a default XSD file that contains device configuration elements that you can use. By default, the system searches attributes in the default XSD file.
    • Custom Fields

      You can enter an attribute that is not included in the XSD file and click Add to add this attribute.

      XSD validation doesn't apply to the customized attributes.

    • Import from File

      Browse to select a CFG or XML file containing the attributes. The file can contain customized attributes that aren't included in the specified XSD file.

    • Paste Configuration XML

      Paste XML code containing the attributes and click Add. You can paste customized attributes that aren't included in the specified XSD file.

  7. (Optional) Identify a resource file for an attribute.

    After adding an attribute, you can associate the attribute with a resource file by clicking the Resource File beside the attribute. Choose a resource file for the attribute from the uploaded files.

  8. Click Save to save the changes or click Return to discard the changes.