View Configuration Profile List

You can view your configuration profiles listed on the Profile Configuration page.


  1. Go to Profile Configuration.
  2. View the following information for each configuration profile:



    Profile Name

    The name of the profile. You can click the arrow icon to sort the profiles in alphabetical order.

    Profile Mode

    Polycom Phone Provision mode refers to phone provisioning profile.

    Profile Type

    • Polycom Standard: Pre-defined configuration profiles that are read-only.
    • User Defined: User defined profiles that you can edit and delete.
    • Polycom Standard and User Defined
    • Polycom Software: Auto-generated profiles. When Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise contains an available software image the service generates a corresponding profile for software upgrading.
    • User Imported: CSV imported profiles.

    Modified By

    The user who modifies the user defined profile.

    Date Modified

    • Polycom Standard: The time that the pre-defined configuration profiles were installed.
    • User Defined: The last time that the user modified the profile.
    • User Imported: The import time.
    • Polycom Software: The time that the Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise automatically generated the profiles.