View Device Details

You can view device details on the Device Monitor page.


  1. In the Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise portal, go to Device Monitor.
  2. Click a device name (hyperlink).
  3. Click the Detail tab and view the following device information:

    Device Extended Information requires that a deployed Polycom Cloud Relay can reach the device.

    Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise can’t provide Device Extended Information for devices that don’t support REST API.

    Table 1. Device Extended Information
    Field Description
    SIP URI The address used to call another person via SIP. It’s a user’s SIP device number or Address of Record (AOR).
    SIP User

    The user ID mapped to the device’s SIP URI.

    Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprise can’t get the SIP user information for devices that don’t support REST API. For example, the service can’t show the SIP user of the following devices:

    • Polycom SoundPoint
    • Polycom SoundStation
    • Polycom SoundStructure VoIP Interface
    • Polycom CX5100
    Last Restart Time Endpoint’s last reboot or restart time.
    Uptime The amount of time the endpoint has been working and available.
    Table 2. Profile Deployment Result
    Field Description
    Last Provision Result The last provisioning profile that the system did or did not successfully apply to the device. The result could be SUCCESS or FAILED.
    Last Provision Time The date and time, in the default format of yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss , of the last provisioning message exchanged with the device.
    Table 3. Call Information
    Field Description
    Far Site Name When a device is in a call, this field shows the far site device name.
    Far Site Number The address of the far site endpoint that connects to the selected endpoint. The address value for the calling endpoint appears to be the dialed address.
    Configuration Profile Association This table lists the configuration profiles associated with the selected endpoint. Click Profile Name (hyperlink) to view the profile information.
  4. Click Return to go back to the Device Monitor page.