Managing User Profiles

The Polycom Cloud Service Administration Portal has different deployment options that can determine the privacy options and requirements available on the system. Administrators can configure the privacy options detailed in this section.

Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprises uses Polycom Cloud Service user accounts to authenticate and access services in Polycom Device Management Service for Enterprises. All management of information related to user accounts and profiles must therefore be performed through the Polycom Cloud Service web portal.

A user whose Polycom Cloud Service user account has been granted the “User Admin” role can view, edit or delete other Polycom Cloud Service user accounts within the organization.

Note: Deleting a user account from the Polycom Cloud Service portal does not terminate subscription to the Polycom Cloud Service service. This may only be done by contacting Polycom support.

Any Polycom Cloud Service user can view and update their own user profile information. The user profile contains the user’s first name, last name and their email address. The first and last name can be updated; the email address cannot be changed.