Zero-Touch Profiles

When you purchase a brand new Polycom device, you can assign the device a Zero-Touch (ZT) customization profile.

Zero-Touch is a process where PDMS-SP provisions a new device with customized default values for a small subset of configuration parameters and make it the device’s default value. ZT is a one-time process that takes place when you connect the phone to the internet and it accesses the PDMS-SP network for the first time. A Zero-Touch profile can be replaced when it goes through a re-customization process. For more details, refer to Zero Touch Re-customization.

A normal device configuration file specifies the set of customized default parameter values. After you apply ZT, you can configure the device normally. If you factory reset the device, the device can revert back to the customized default values.

Polycom Support can help generate a ZT profile for the service provider. Contact for assistance.

There are two different labels of a ZT status for every device: Yes and N/A. Where a Yes means the device has a ZT customization profile in place, an N/A profile means there is no customization at the Zero Touch configuration profile layer. Devices with N/A profiles are not committed to any PDMS-SP account

When a device with an N/A profile has undergone a factory reset, the device can not recover to the PDMS-SP portal. In this case, add the device again by Add Device to get provisioning from PDMS-SP. The PDMS-SP stores the specific configuration it previously had.

Polycom devices running UC Software do not use the Zero Touch Profiles (ZT Profiles) in PDMS-SP. Currently, they still use the Polycom Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) solution for provisioning server redirection. For more information on ZTP,refer to Polycom Zero-Touch Provisioning at Polycom Support.