Required Ports and Trusted IP Addresses and Hosts

Required Ports

This table lists the open ports on the PDMS-SP. The ports are required by Polycom OBi devices.

Protocol Port Direction
TCP 6800 out
TCP 5222 out
TCP 5223 out
UDP 5060 out
UDP 5061 out
UDP 10000 to 11000 out
UDP 16600 to 16998 out
UDP 19305 out
UDP 10000 in

PDMS-SP Trusted IP Addresses

This section lists the PDMS-SP IP addresses and hosts you should trust, which include on the on-site ACL. These IP addresses are the pieces that connects the devices to the PDMS-SP cloud in its peer-to-peer (P2P) fashion. Fundamentally, the P2P network is responsible for sending and receiving messages and commands to and from the device. Functions are listed as follows:

  • OBi-to-OBi calling (for OBi Edition only)

    Note: You can disable the OBi-to-OBi calling piece by setting the MaxSessions parameter (under OBiTALK Service) to 0. The P2P also serves as a mechanism for our cloud to tell if the device is online or offline.
  • Media loopback calls to another OBi (for OBi Edition only)
  • Online/Offline Status
  • Registration Status
  • Firmware Version
  • Reboot
  • Local Factory Reset
  • Interactive Local Webpage
  • Voice Echo Test
  • Activation Codes
  • Everything else that is used to check phone status and update instances on the device.

Refer to for the latest list.

Table 1. PDMS-SP Trusted IP Addresses
Trusted IP Address UDP/TCP TLS 10000 to 20000 443 10000 to 20000 443 10000 to 20000 443 10000 to 20000 443

10000 to 20000

TCP: 6800

443 10000 to 20000 443 10000 to 20000 443 10000 to 20000 443 10000 to 20000 443 10000 to 20000 443 10000 to 20000 443 10000 to 20000 443 10000 to 20000 443
  • All of the IPs listed in the table above are must be included in the on-site ACL since these are avenues to connect to the root and management nodes of the PDMS-SP P2P network. Its also our way of load-balancing our servers of any incoming PDMS-SP requests from phones.
  • The device running Polycom UC Software only requires the TLS ports above.

PDMS-SP Provisioning Trusted Hosts

These set of FQDNs enable the phone does a combination of essential cloud-management pieces (applicable for OBi Edition only):

Table 2. PDMS-SP Provisioning Trusted Hosts
Trusted Host Description



Essential pieces in cloud troubleshooting and general connectivity features, including performing remote syslogs, and PCAPs.



Allow Zero-Touch customization responsible for phone onboarding.



For Device Profiles, part of ZT customization to match phone ID with the cloud.



To access the APIs from your PC or app that manages PDMS-SP. No need to whitelist on the device’s network.



Download firmware from the website. This is optional but future-proof.