License Management

You must have the License Admin role assigned to your user account to access the Licenses functions.

You can see the number of total licenses, active licenses, licenses that are about to expire, impending licenses, and inactive licenses. The system lists each license with the following information:

License Information Description
License ID License Activation Key.
Feature Code

Licensed feature.

  • PDMS-AUDIO—The license enables the account administrators to manage audio devices in the PDMS-E portal.

Each administrator needs proper permissions to access licensed services.

Description License description about the license, for example, the licensed Polycom product name.

License type.

Managed Device—This type of license limits the total number of devices that can use the licensed feature.
  • If the feature code is PDMS-AUDIO, the license enables the account administrators to manage a limited number of audio devices in PDMS-E.

Transaction Type

License transaction type.

  • Trial—A trial license is provided free of charge for some limited period of time.
  • New—A new license is issued for new service subscriptions, typically with a one or three year period.
  • Addon—An add-on license is issued to increase the capacity of a Managed Device during the term of an existing New or Renewal license.
  • Renewal—A renewal license is issued for all subsequent renewals of service subscriptions, rolling together any Addon licenses into a single Renewal license for the new term.
Start Time License issue time.
End Time License expiration time.

The number of devices currently being used with the Managed Device service.

  • If the feature code is PDMS-AUDIO, it shows the number of audio devices that the Polycom Device Management Service manages versus the number it can manage.


License status.

  • Active—License is Active.
  • Expiring Shortly—License has less than 31 days until it expires. Please renew your contract.
  • Impending—License start date has not yet been reached. Note: This may happen when a customer renews and activates their license before the previous license has expired.
  • Inactive—License has expired, and is now inactive.

Activate a New License

You can activate your Polycom product licenses in Licenses.


  1. In the Poly Cloud Services portal, go to Administration > Licenses.
  2. Click Activate New License.
  3. Enter the License Activation Key and click Continue.
    Tip: You can find the License Activation Key in your Polycom user license document. This key is a 17-character string found at the top of your license document.
    Multiple products and product licenses may be bundled with the same license activation key.
  4. Select the I accept the terms in the License Agreement check box and click Activate License.

Renew a License

You can renew your Polycom product licenses in the Licenses tab.


  1. In the Polycom Cloud Services portal, go to Administration > Licenses.
  2. Select a license to renew.
    Tip: Only licenses that are in the Expiring Shortly status can be renewed. These licenses are red to indicate this status.
  3. Contact your channel or sales representative to inform them that your license requires renewal.
    Tip: In general, your channel or sales representative will be notified before the license expires and should contact you as needed to renew the license.
  4. When the license is renewed, it will no longer display in red and the Status will be Active.