Activating Your Company’s Initial User Account

Your company’s initial Poly Cloud Services account may be created as part of the purchase of a Polycom Product or associated cloud service, for example, if you purchased Polycom Pano or a service connecting via Polycom Cloud Relay.

As a new Poly Cloud Services user, you receive a “Welcome to Poly Cloud Services” email message. This welcome email message contains an activation link that guides you through the steps of activating your account.

Important: If an email address for the initial Poly Cloud Services account was not included with your purchase order, or your Polycom system is shipped to China, Mexico, Brazil, or Argentina, you must activate your Polycom system maintenance service on the Polycom Support Center and provide an email address before your Poly Cloud Services account can be created.

If you have not received the “Welcome to Poly Cloud Services” email, please contact Polycom Global Services at 1-800-POLYCOM (1-800-765-9266).

If you are a new Poly Cloud Services customer, you can create your account on the Sign In screen and activate your product licenses with the License Activation Key you received. To do it, just click the "No account? Create one." link.

The initial Poly Cloud Services user can create additional Poly Cloud Services user accounts for other users in your company from Users, assigning them each specific user roles to match the level of access required. The users whose accounts are assigned with the User Admin user role can also create and manage Poly Cloud Services accounts.

Tip: Depends on your situation, choose one of the following sub-topics to finish the initial account activation procedure.