Domain Management

You must have Enterprise Admin role assigned to your account to manage domains in your Polycom Cloud Services account.

You can associate additional domains with your Polycom Cloud Services account in addition to the initial domain associated with it (called the Primary domain).

These domains should be ones that are all owned by your organization, and if you are using any external authentication provider, should be domains that are all federated in that provider (so that it can authenticate users from all of the domains).

  • A domain can be associated with only one Polycom Cloud Service account. If another customer has already associated a particular domain with their account, you receive an error if you subsequently try to add it to yours.
  • You or someone in your organization must have access to an active email account in the domain to be added—this is used to verify that the organization adding the domain has ownership of it.
You can manually add a domain or import domains.
Note: You can only import domains when Polycom Cloud Services uses Microsoft Office 365 authentication provider.