Import Domains

If you have enabled one of the Office 365 Authentication Providers in your Poly Cloud Services account, you can import domains from that provider.


You must have access to a user account in your company's Microsoft Office 365 subscription to import domains (Microsoft Office 365 administrator role is not required).


  1. In the Poly Cloud Services portal, go to Administration > Domain Management.
  2. Click Import from Office365 .

    You’re prompted to sign into the Microsoft Office portal within your company's Office 365 subscription, and are prompted for your consent to temporarily grant your Poly Cloud Services account the following permissions (required to retrieve the domain list):

    • Sign you in and read your profile
    • Access your data anytime
  3. Select the domain names you want to import into your company’s Poly Cloud Services and click Add.
    • The system lists all domains associated with your company’s Office 365 subscription, but the ones are already associated with other Poly Cloud Services accounts are unselectable.
    • If the system doesn’t list your primary domain, you can’t import other domains.