Required Ports for Polycom Cloud Relay

The following inbound and outbound ports are required for Polycom Cloud Relay connectivity.
Table 1. Outbound Ports
Port Description

443 TCP

HTTPS. Polycom Cloud Services and application download.

The following FQDNs are contacted via HTTPs/443:
  • wss://
Container Registries
  • RealConnect:
  • Polycom Device Management Service:
5671 TCP

AMQP(s). Required for access to the Azure Data Center IP addresses which is only required for Polycom RealConnect Hybrid and Polycom One Touch Dial.

The following FQDN is contacted via 5671 TCP:
Table 2. Inbound Ports (from LAN to Polycom Cloud Relay)
Port Description

22 TCP

SSH (available to polycom user for remote configuration). This port is optional.