Polycom Studio Overview

The Polycom Studio USB video bar is a high-quality camera and speakerphone system that integrates an auto-framing camera, stereo microphones, and stereo speakers.

Polycom Studio works with applications that support standard USB peripherals, such as Polycom RealPresence Desktop, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and BlueJeans. As a USB camera and speakerphone, you can use the Polycom Studio USB video bar for audio or video conferencing and as a speaker for your local devices.

You can also use Polycom Studio as a Bluetooth device that supports audio calls and streaming music playback from a mobile device.

You can connect the Polycom Studio USB video bar to either a permanently installed PC USB host in the room or to a laptop that you bring to the room. In all configurations, you primarily connect through USB, with an optional Bluetooth connection.

If you’re the administrator of the Polycom Studio USB video bar, download Polycom Companion for advanced setup options, such as connecting Polycom Studio to your Wi-Fi. You can manage the Polycom Studio USB video bar from Polycom Device Management Services for Enterprises (PDMS-E) or Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager via Wi-Fi connectivity. See the Polycom Documentation Library for more information about these products.

Highlights of the Polycom Studio USB video bar include the following:
  • High-fidelity stereo microphones that pick up sound within 3.66 m (12 ft), together with spatial audio to imitate life-like presence and clarity. Polycom Studio also supports Polycom Acoustic Fence with Beam Shaping that enables video conferencing in open workspaces by capturing only the voices within a defined zone. The Polycom NoiseBlock feature listens for times when sound is occurring but no one is talking and automatically mutes your microphone until you speak.
  • Ultra-wide 120-degree field of view that captures 4K UHD video.
  • Automatic speaker-tracking technology that zooms in on the person who’s talking without using a remote control or camera presets. When there's no active speaker, the group frame function automatically frames all conference participants as a group.