Complete Setup with Provisioning

To finish setting up your system, provision the system’s local administrator password, country, and timezone.


Make sure to configure your provisioning server (for example, RealPresence Resource Manager) ahead of time so that it recognizes and works with your endpoint.


  1. Power on the system and follow the onscreen instructions.
  2. Log in to the system web interface and go to Servers > Provisioning Server to register the system with your provisioning service.
  3. In your provisioning template configuration file, set the following parameters:
    See the Poly VideoOS Parameter Reference Guide on the Polycom Documentation Library for detailed descriptions about configuration parameters and their permitted values.
    • sec.auth.admin.password
    • device.local.timezone
    The provisioning service automatically configures these settings on your system.
Initial system setup is complete. You can start using the system.