Monitors with CEC

You can use some Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) features with HDMI-connected monitors that support the CEC protocol.

Your system supports the following CEC commands:

  • System Standby: When the system goes to sleep, connected monitors switch to standby mode to save power.
  • One Touch Play: You can wake connected monitors with your system remote control.

Remember the following when enabling CEC on your system:

  • If you connect a monitor with an HDMI splitter, the splitter must support CEC. Due to HDMI splitter limitations, monitors behind a 1xM (one-input multiple-output) splitter might not switch to the correct input when waking up.
  • The system doesn’t respond to CEC commands from a monitor remote control.
  • If a monitor is connected to two endpoints, the monitor displays the active endpoint when the other is sleeping.