SNMP Reporting

The system supports SNMP versions 1, 2c, and 3.

SNMP can provide the following event information about your system:

  • Alert conditions located on the system alert screen
  • Details of jitter, latency, and packet loss
  • Low battery power in the remote control
  • System power on
  • Successful or unsuccessful administrator login
  • Call fail for a reason other than a busy line
  • User help request
  • Video or audio call connection or disconnection
Note: Poly doesn’t support SNMP write operations for configuring or provisioning systems.

SNMPv3 does the following:

  • Provides secure connections between the SNMP manager and agent
  • Supports IPv4 networks
  • Logs all configuration change events
  • Supports a user-based security model
  • Supports trap destination addresses