H.460 Firewall/NAT Traversal

You can configure your system for firewall or network address translation (NAT) traversal using the H.460.18 and H.460.19 standards. This includes environments with session border controllers (SBCs).

For example, an endpoint outside your network that’s initiating a SIP call connects to an SBC as a remote endpoint. The incoming SIP traffic then traverses a firewall before connecting to the endpoint it’s calling inside your network.

Real-time media streams often use UDP for their speeds. If your system is behind a firewall that restricts access to UDP ports, however, you can configure your system for only TCP connections.

CAUTION: Systems deployed outside a firewall are potentially vulnerable to unauthorized access. Visit the Polycom Security section of the Knowledge Base at the Poly Online Support Center for timely security information. You can also register to receive periodic updates and advisories.