Checking System Status

You can verify the status of your system in the local and system web interfaces. Status information also include details about connected devices and system services.

The system displays statuses using three colors:

  • Green indicates the device or service is working or registered
  • Red indicates an alert
  • Gray indicates the device or service is unavailable or unregistered

Some statuses are available only after you connect the corresponding device, such as a camera, to the system.

Check Status in the Local Interface

Verify your system status in the local interface.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • In a call: Menu > More > Settings > Status.
    • Out of a call: Menu > Settings > Status.
  2. View a system status page:
    You must enter the system’s local administrator credentials to access status pages displaying a Lock .
    Setting Description
    Active Alerts Displays the status of any device or service with an error status. If there’s an alert, an Alert displays next to the system time.
    Call Control Displays status of the Auto-Answer Point-to-Point Video setting.
    LAN Properties Displays network connection status.
    • Displays the gatekeeper and SIP registrar server status.
    • Displays the active global directory server or LDAP server status.
    • Displays the provisioning or calendaring service status (if enabled).
    Peripheral Devices Connection status of peripheral devices.

Check Status in the System Web Interface

Verify your system status in the system web interface.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Diagnostics > System Status.
  2. Optional: Select Details next to each device or service for more information.
  3. Optional: Select Adjust <Feature> Settings to access the corresponding settings page.