Checking the Web Proxy Configuration

If you experience issues with your automatic or semi-automatic web proxy configuration, check the status and contents of your proxy auto-configuration (PAC) file.

For manual configurations, verify that the information you used to connect your system to the proxy is accurate.

PAC File Status

Your system displays the status of the proxy auto-configuration (PAC) file used for web proxy communication. See the following table for more information about these statuses, which you see on the Web Proxy Settings page of the system web interface.

Table 1. PAC File Status
Status Description
Success File successfully downloaded to your system.
In Progress File is downloading to your system.
WPAD Failed File download URL wasn’t discovered using DHCP option 252.
Download Failed File didn’t download.
Expired File is expired.

Verify the PAC File Contents

You can check the contents of the PAC file on your system.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Network > Primary Network > Web Proxy Settings.
  2. Select Download PAC File.
    This option isn’t available if the PAC File Status doesn’t indicate Success.