Completing Initial System Setup

When you power on the system for the first time (or after a system reset or factory restore), you must complete the system setup process.

This process involves the system contacting the Poly Zero Touch Onboarding (ZTO) server to determine its mode of operation: Poly Video or Partner mode.

Before you begin:

  • During initial setup, you must have a DHCP server in your environment to ensure the system gets an IP address. (You can configure the system with a static IP address later if needed.)
  • Configure your firewall and/or web proxy so that the system can communicate with the following services on port 443:
    • ZTO (
    • Poly Lens (
    • Polycom software download (
  • You must have an NTP server on your network for the system to connect with the ZTO service.
  • Your conferencing application may require a separate license or subscription for call-related features. Contact your conferencing partner for information.

The system boots directly into a conferencing application. If the ZTO specified conferencing application isn’t available in the current software, the system performs a software update. If after update, the specified conferencing application isn’t available, the system defaults to Poly Video mode. To change the conferencing application, go to the system web interface Provider section and select an option.

Required Steps Following Initial System Setup

After going through the system setup process, you also must manually configure or provision the following system settings for an optimal deployment and user experience:

  • Local administrator password: For security reasons, don’t use the default password.
  • Country: If you use the default country setting, the system’s Wi-Fi settings may not be optimal for your country or region.
  • Timezone: Depending on the system location, using the default timezone setting may display the incorrect time on the system (including for scheduled calendar events).