LED Status Indicators for the System LAN Ports

You can verify network connectivity by looking at the LAN port LEDs on the back of your system.

Each LAN port has two LEDs: The left LED indicates network connectivity and traffic, while the right LED indicates Power over Ethernet (PoE) status for connected devices.

The G7500 system has four LAN ports: one for the system’s network connection (farthest left) and three link-local network (LLN) connections for peripheral devices.

Table 1. LED Status Indicators for the System LAN Ports
Indicator Left LED Status (Network Traffic) Right LED Status (Power)*


No connection

No device connected

Solid green

Connected with no traffic

Connected and functioning normally

Blinking green

Connected with traffic


Solid orange


Connected but malfunctioning

* - The right LED is not used on the primary network connection port (farthest left on the back of the system).