Configure Call Settings

You can configure call settings in the system web interface.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Call Configuration > Call Settings.
  2. Configure the following settings:
    Setting Description
    Maximum Time in Call Sets the maximum number of hours allowed for a call.

    When the maximum time expires, the system prompts the user to hang up. If the user doesn’t answer within one minute, the call automatically ends. If the user chooses to stay in the call, the system doesn’t prompt the user again.

    Auto Answer Point-to-Point Call Specifies whether the system answers an incoming call when not in a call. Choose one of the following options:
    • Yes: The system automatically answers incoming point-to-point calls.
    • No: Users must answer incoming calls manually.
    • Do Not Disturb: The system rejects incoming calls without notification.
    Display Icons in a Call Specifies whether to display onscreen graphics, including icons and help text, during calls.
    Enable Flashing Incoming Call Notification Specifies whether you see an incoming call notification.
    Preferred 'Place a Call' Navigation Specifies the default options that display on the local interface Place a Call screen. Choose one of the following options:
    • Keypad: Displays recently-dialed numbers and a dialpad.
    • Contacts: Displays a screen for searching a directory. The multitiered directory (LDAP) root entry displays at the top of the Contacts list, which combines your search results and favorites.
    • Recent Calls: Lists previous calls in chronological order.
  3. Select Save.