Configure Monitor Settings

You can optimize your system video output for single- and dual-monitor setups.

The Studio X30 system doesn’t support dual monitors.

Interlaced modes aren’t supported.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Audio/Video > Monitors.
  2. Configure the following settings (your changes save automatically):
    Setting Description
    Configure Monitor

    Specifies monitor settings.

    • Automatic: (Default) Detects the highest-supported resolution of the connected monitors. When you select this option, the Resolution setting is disabled.
    • Manual: You can choose the monitor Resolution.
    • Off: Disable this monitor (not available for Monitor 1).
    Note: To use 4K resolution, make sure you set Monitor 2 to Off.

    Specifies the monitor resolution. This setting is unavailable when you select Automatic for the Configure Monitor setting.

    Note: The system uses the resolution you select even if the monitor doesn’t support it. There is no dynamic resolution adjustment in this situation.