View Call Statistics

You can look at in-call data to help you troubleshoot system issues or problems experienced by call participants.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Diagnostics.
  2. Go to Call Statistics.
    If you’re in a call, a link to call statistics is also available on the Dashboard and Active Call page.
    A list of participants displays, including their names, numbers, and the quality of their connections.
  3. Select the participant you want to see more call information about.
    The following additional details about the participant display:
    • System or application the participant is using
    • Call type
    • Call speed
    • Encryption status
    • Call streams (for your system and the participant)

      Depending on the nature of your call, you may also see the transmitted and received streams of audio, video, and content.

  4. Optional: Select a call stream for additional information.
    The following additional details about the stream display:
    • Stream type
    • Stream quality
    • Protocol used
    • Format (may not display on some mobile devices)
    • Rate used
    • Frame rate
    • Packets lost
    • Packet loss percentage
    • Jitter
    • Error concealment