Configure Dual Monitor Display Settings

You can choose your self view and content display preferences when you connect two monitors to your system.

Even if your system has only one monitor, you can still configure second monitor settings. These settings take effect once you connect a second monitor.

The Studio X30 system supports only one monitor.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Audio/Video > Monitors.
  2. Configure the following settings (your changes save automatically):
    Setting Description
    Self View Size Specifies how the self view window displays when others join a call.
    • Corner: Displays the self view in the corner of Monitor 2.
    • Full Screen: Displays the self view on the entire screen of Monitor 2.
    Content Display Specifies whether to display content on one or two monitors.
    • Single: Display content on Monitor 2 and people on Monitor 1.
    • Dual: Display people and content on Monitor 1 and content only on Monitor 2.