Reset System Settings

You can reset your system to its default configuration settings.

You may need to perform a system reset for a variety of reasons, for example, when moving a device to a new location.

Resetting your system deletes all but the following data:

  • Current software version
  • User-installed PKI certificates
  • Local directory entries
  • Logs
  • Call detail record (CDR)

You also can choose not to retain some of this data after the system resets.

Note: System resets restore your system to its original mode of operation (for example, Poly Video Mode or Poly Partner Mode).


  1. In the system web interface, go to Diagnostics > System Reset.
  2. Select Reset All System Configurations.
  3. Optional: Clear any of the following check boxes for data you want to delete as part of the reset:
    • Keep installed certificates.
    • Keep the directory entries.
    • Keep the system logs.
    • Keep the system call detail reports.
  4. Select Reset.