Enable Point-to-Point Call Escalation to a RealPresence DMA Conference Call

When you register your system with a Polycom RealPresence DMA system, you can enable a point-to-point call on your system to escalate to an impromptu conference call on an external Polycom MCU.


You must configure your system’s SIP settings to register with your RealPresence DMA system.
For information about working with a RealPresence DMA system, specifically SIP conference factories, see the Polycom RealPresence DMA Operations Guide .


  1. In the system web interface, go to Call Configuration > SIP.
  2. Go to Adhoc Call Escalation.
  3. Select the Enable automatic call escalation of point-to-point to an external MCU check box.
  4. For the Conference Factory ID, enter the ID associated with the SIP conference factory on your RealPresence DMA system.
    Note: The conference factory ID must come from the same RealPresence DMA system your video conferencing system uses for SIP registration. Calls don’t escalate if your RealPresence DMA system doesn’t recognize the ID you provide.
  5. Select Save.
    Calls converted through a RealPresence DMA system gateway (H.323 to SIP or vice versa) don’t join an impromptu conference call.