Enforce Security Code for Every Miracast-Certified Device Connection (Windows)

For enhanced security, you can require that Windows users enter a security code each time they connect to the system with their Miracast-certified device.

Note the following about this feature:
  • To use this feature, you must turn on the system’s security code feature.
  • This feature applies only to Windows 10 version 1709 and later.
  • You can’t change the Require PIN Every Connection setting during a content mirroring session.
  • When you disable Miracast screen mirroring, the Require PIN Every Connection setting resets to its default value.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Security > Wireless Security.
  2. If not enabled, select Enable Miracast.
  3. Select Require PIN Every Connection.
It takes about one to five minutes for this change to take effect. During that time, you can’t connect to the system using a Miracast-certified device.