Using the System as a Camera and Audio Peripheral

With Poly Device Mode, you can use a Poly video system as your laptop’s external camera, microphone, and speaker.

For example, instead of using your laptop’s camera for Microsoft Teams calls, you can connect the Studio X30 and use its 4K camera that automatically follows the conversation in the room. You also gain a Poly echo-cancelling microphone and speaker technology during calls.

Once you connect the system to your laptop with a USB cable, you can control the video system’s camera and audio features using your laptop’s third-party conferencing application. Remember the following about audio controls:

  • You can also mute audio using the buttons on any connected microphones.
  • If you mute audio from your app, the video system and microphone LEDs indicate you’re muted (and vice versa).

If needed, you can also mirror your laptop’s screen on the video system’s monitors with an HDMI cable.