This section describes available configuration parameters for your provisioning setup. Included are permitted values and, if applicable, guidance for configuring related parameters.

Provisioning Parameters

Use the following parameters to configure provisioning settings on your system.


Specifies your system's provisioning polling interval in seconds.

For example, if you set this parameter to "120", your system is provisioned every two minutes.

Integer >= 60


Specifies how often (in seconds) your system indicates it's available to the provisioning server.

This feature runs in the background and does not affect user experience.

600 (default)

Integer (120-600)


Specifies whether your system gets software updates via HTTP or HTTPS.

False (default) - Your system gets software updates via HTTP.

True - Your system gets software updates via HTTPS.

Note: If you are using private PKI certificates in your environment and want HTTPS downloads to work, you must install the trusted root certificate from your internal certificate authority (CA) on the system using one of the sec.TLS.customCaCert.* parameters.